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Mr. Filan was my son's accounting teacher this year. My son, Ricky learned a lot in the class, and we want to express our sorrow on your loss. Mr. Filan was an asset to Brother Rice High School, and an inspiration to the students. Many prayers for peace and comfort during this challenging time.
I want to express my condolences to the family upon the passing of Alan. I send my love and prayers.
My condolences to your family. Al coached all three of my kids at Andrew High School and was admired by them and myself. He knew his soccer. May God bless you through this difficult time.
Both of my sons (2007 and 2014)were each taught two years a piece the Cisco program by Al Filan at Brother Rice High School. He significantly helped both boys on their educational paths and spent time with me last spring at parent teacher conferences guiding me to help my youngest with his college choices. My condolences to his family and the loss at Brother Rice.
Rest in Peace Al. You were great to work with. I will miss you. Love Marty.
I miss you, Al. You were a wonderful teacher to my son and the thousands of other students you served at our school. Rest in peace.
Al was a good man, hard exterior but big heart. I student taught for him at Brother Rice and learned so much from him. After I finished student teaching I was offered a position within his department. I owe Al a lot. He was the reason I got the job, he pushed and pushed for me to the point where I think they just got sick of hearing about me and hired me. :) He always had my back and looked out for me, he was my number one cheerleader, pushing me to succeed and go beyond what I thought was possible. I would be lying to say he was always pleasant, he was tough and sometimes hard to please, but it was in those times that I learned the most valuable lessons. I will always remember him for the man I knew at BR. My condolences to his family. May he be at rest shinning down upon us! You will be missed Stein!
I was Mr. Filan's student teacher a few years ago. He was a great mentor. As a teacher, I still use some techniques today taught to me by Mr. Filan. Thank you Mr. Filan, and rest in peace.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Filan family at this time. May Alan rest in peace, God Bless.
My husband Brian and I are brokenhearted. Al was such a great influence in our lives . He was a great soccer coach and the funniest person I ever knew. He was at the Sandburg reunion for the 1993 boys state soccer championship at silver lakes this past October . He gave a great speech that I have on video. That is the way we will remember him. Rest in peace dear friend . You will be missed and never forgotten.
"If through one man a little more love and laughter, a little more hope and goodness are brought into this world, then that man's life has had meaning." For me, Coach Filan brought it all. I'll remember him as the most passionate, knowledgeable & dedicated coach I ever had - hands down! He scouted, he studied, he ran practice...and he literally drove the bus. Seeing him at practice or in the halls was absolutely the highlight of every day. I knew that with each conversation, I'd either learn something or I'd laugh - and usually both. My hope is that your family hears enough of these stories, about the goodness he brought into our lives, to last until you see him again. God bless you all!
My deepest sympathy on the death of Al. My son, an alum of Brother Rice, was coached by Al and my grandsons are presently students at Brother Rice and have gotten to know him. They all speak highly of your brother and feel grateful to have known him or to have been taught by him. God bless him for all the good he has done as a concientious teacher.
i had mr filan for classes he was a great teacher rip deepest sympathies to the family.