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(708) 422-2700

6116 West 111th Street
Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Directions to Our Facility

Curley Funeral Home is located at 6116 West 111th Street in Chicago Ridge, Illinois 60415. It is conveniently located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

Our facility can accommodate up to three visitaions at the same time. We are able to section off individual parlors to allow for personalized memorial services. We also have a very spacious lobby area for excess chapel capacity and provide for casual conversations with friends and family. There are two lounges with seating areas to accommodate food and beverages for the family. Our adequate parking facility adjacent to our facility provides ample parking for visitors.

We have attached a mapping program to the right for your convenience. Please enter your address and the program will provide you with driving directions to Curley Funeral Home. If you need further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 708-422-2700

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